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Secrets of Asgard

At Valhöll's Doors

Study of the Northern tradition involves both the Runes and the myths. They constitute the woods through which wanders a certain spiritual path. As a guide in exploring this landscape of mystery is offered a book and talks at regular intervals.

podcast interview

News Posted on Thu, June 02, 2016 11:46

podcast interview with Vincent Ongkowidjojo

THA talks

hosted by Paul Obertelli and Seana Collins

Doors of Valhalla

News Posted on Thu, June 11, 2015 10:31

We are proud to present

Doors of Valhalla
An esoteric interpretation of Norse mythology

in the summer of 2015

by Vincent Ongkowidjojo
author of Runen in de Noordse Traditie
and Secrets of Asgard

introduction by Maria Kvilhaug
author of Seed of Yggdrasi

afterword by David Parry


Imagine yourself at the World Tree, Yggdrasil. You sit on one of its gigantic
roots. Urd’s Well is in sight and maybe you can see the Norns, the weavers of
fate. The colours of a Rainbow touch the Well’s shore. Your eyes follow the
colours of the Bifrost Bridge high into the sky. Twelve specks of white light
appear. Do you see the Aesir?

Doors of Valhalla presents
an exegesis of Voluspa, Havamal, and Lokasenna.
The Voluspa poem is looked at from a contemporary esoteric
perspective but particularly discusses the evolution of consciousness. Havamal is
interpreted from a cultic perspective. The Gunnlod story and its initiatory
implications, such as soul contact, are especially treated. Lokasenna outlines
the Norse gods and goddesses as archetypes.

The theoretical content is intertwined with practical hints. Chapter 2
features an exercise to contact a water spirit for Spá divination. Chapter 5
develops the creation of magical thought-forms. Chapter 6 describes a genuine Seidr
trance technique. Chapter 7 includes hints on ceremonial magic. Last but not
least, chapter 11 details how to work with god archetypes.

Inspiration is drawn mainly from the books of Alice A. Bailey.


Monthly Meditation Moment

News Posted on Sat, August 31, 2013 21:57

Dear One

Every second Friday of the month I organize in a small setting a meditation. I guide the meditation from start to finish and this takes on average 45 minutes.

The meditation we do is based on what I have been taught in our Taiji School. Therefore it is of Daoist origin. However, it is simple, straightforward, universal in its approach and effective.

My main intention in organizing this is to teach people what it means to alter consciousness.

All meditations will be held in Leuven.

For more information, contact me via

My Best Wishes

Readings & Attunements

News Posted on Fri, June 08, 2012 18:42

Dear One

as a practitioner of the runes, I also provide rune readings. These can be done live, via chat or e-mail. One reading goes for the price of €25.

as I am also a dreamworker, I also offer dream interpretations and if need be, this can be accompanied by a small rune reading. One dream interpretation goes for the price of €25.

as a rune worker I am also able to offer runic attunements. The system is based on Reiki, but only runes and runic symbols are used. The candidate is attuned to the runic current, which means that the attunement creates a link with the source of the rune energies.

there are three attunements. The first is an attunement in the runic energy current, the second is the implanting of the symbols of this system analogous to the Reiki system, and the third one is the implanting of the runes themselves.

the first attunement costs €50, the second one costs €50, and the third one costs €100. These can only be given physically.

for additional information, please e-mail

publication in The Pagan Friends webzine

News Posted on Thu, March 15, 2012 20:24

article published in The Pagan Friends webzine
Yule issue 2011

Futhark: The Celtic Link

the text complements the first chapter of the book Secrets of Asgard.


News Posted on Thu, July 28, 2011 21:08


Eind juli verscheen het boek Secrets of Asgard: an instruction in esoteric rune wisdom (Mandrake
of Oxford, 2011) van de hand van Vincent Ongkowidjojo, een jonge dertiger woonachtig
en werkzaam in Leuven.

Het boek vertelt het verhaal over de Runen, maar is
geheel esoterisch geöriënteerd. De symboliek van het Oudgermaanse runenalfabet
wordt besproken, alsook de oude mythen van het Hoge Noorden. Het boek leidt je
in in de mysterietradities van de Oude Germanen, de diepte-psychologische
betekenis van de runentekens en van de verschillende Noorse goden. Ondanks een
eerste theoretisch, bijna academisch, deel van het boek bevat het tweede deel
aanwijzingen rond het maken van runen, amuletten, toverspreuken, en het
orakelen met runen.

De auteur studeerde assyriologie aan de KULeuven,
maar koos nadien voor de rijke cultuur van het Oude Scandinavië, de Vikingen en
de Oude Germanen. Hij is een leerling van Freya Aswynn en schreef eerder het
boekje Runen in de Noordse traditie
(Ankh-Hermes, 2007). Zijn sterke punt is dat hij Oosterse en Westerse filosofie
met elkaar verzoent. Hij praktiseert taichi.

Op donderdag 15 september stelt Vincent het boek
voor. De voorstelling gaat door om 20u in Boekhandel Johannes, Alfons
Smetsplein 10, in Leuven.


release Secrets of Asgard

News Posted on Sat, July 16, 2011 20:55

Dear kith and kin

it is with my sincerest pride that I present the release of the long expected publication of Secrets of Asgard.

The full title is given as Secrets of Asgard : an instruction in esoteric rune wisdom indicating that it can be read at at least two levels, a beginner’s level and an advanced level. The contents of this work go beyond what is usually found in books about runes. It is created to be practical, albeit sometimes in a somewhat suggestive way.

The text contains numerous innovative pieces of information. A whole chapter is dedicated to the symbolism of the Aettir. A whole section is dedicated to an interpretation of the twenty-four items on which runes are inscribed cited from the Sigrdrifumal poem. And a in-depth interpretation is given on the enigmatic Havamal 144 stanza.

It is a must have for all who earnestly take up the study of the runes, especially rune magic. And to the novice it offers a well founded introduction with lots of factual historical information alongside modern interpretations.




News Posted on Sun, January 09, 2011 20:00

Dear Traveller

Alhaz is an initiative within the Northern tradition current to integrate the runic system into the universal current of esoteric traditions. It desires to create a bridge toward the Ageless Wisdom, Daoism, Western Occultism and Kosmic Gnosis.

From within the Northern tradition, the Runes and the Norse gods, I attempt to inspire through the means of a book. What I want to pass on, suggest, incite in people’s consciousness, has been written down. The book is called Secrets of Asgard and covers as good as all aspects of the modern runic system.

My vision of Rune Lore is deeply rooted in the work of Freya Aswynn, expressed in both her Northern Mysteries and Magick and her Correspondence Course. I am therefore indebted to her efforts.

However, my own research includes a multitude of sources. My ongoing training as a taiji student helps me to deepen my understanding of practical magic. Also, my meeting with David Beth has opened a new path in my experience of the occult.

May you all have a share of the Sacred Mead!