Dear One

as a practitioner of the runes, I also provide rune readings. These can be done live, via chat or e-mail. One reading goes for the price of €25.

as I am also a dreamworker, I also offer dream interpretations and if need be, this can be accompanied by a small rune reading. One dream interpretation goes for the price of €25.

as a rune worker I am also able to offer runic attunements. The system is based on Reiki, but only runes and runic symbols are used. The candidate is attuned to the runic current, which means that the attunement creates a link with the source of the rune energies.

there are three attunements. The first is an attunement in the runic energy current, the second is the implanting of the symbols of this system analogous to the Reiki system, and the third one is the implanting of the runes themselves.

the first attunement costs €50, the second one costs €50, and the third one costs €100. These can only be given physically.

for additional information, please e-mail