Dear kith and kin

it is with my sincerest pride that I present the release of the long expected publication of Secrets of Asgard.

The full title is given as Secrets of Asgard : an instruction in esoteric rune wisdom indicating that it can be read at at least two levels, a beginner’s level and an advanced level. The contents of this work go beyond what is usually found in books about runes. It is created to be practical, albeit sometimes in a somewhat suggestive way.

The text contains numerous innovative pieces of information. A whole chapter is dedicated to the symbolism of the Aettir. A whole section is dedicated to an interpretation of the twenty-four items on which runes are inscribed cited from the Sigrdrifumal poem. And a in-depth interpretation is given on the enigmatic Havamal 144 stanza.

It is a must have for all who earnestly take up the study of the runes, especially rune magic. And to the novice it offers a well founded introduction with lots of factual historical information alongside modern interpretations.