Dear Traveller

Alhaz is an initiative within the Northern tradition current to integrate the runic system into the universal current of esoteric traditions. It desires to create a bridge toward the Ageless Wisdom, Daoism, Western Occultism and Kosmic Gnosis.

From within the Northern tradition, the Runes and the Norse gods, I attempt to inspire through the means of a book. What I want to pass on, suggest, incite in people’s consciousness, has been written down. The book is called Secrets of Asgard and covers as good as all aspects of the modern runic system.

My vision of Rune Lore is deeply rooted in the work of Freya Aswynn, expressed in both her Northern Mysteries and Magick and her Correspondence Course. I am therefore indebted to her efforts.

However, my own research includes a multitude of sources. My ongoing training as a taiji student helps me to deepen my understanding of practical magic. Also, my meeting with David Beth has opened a new path in my experience of the occult.

May you all have a share of the Sacred Mead!